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SkyTruth Toolbox

Photo by WikiImages on Pixabay

SkyTruth was founded to level the playing field and allow anyone with an internet connection to monitor environmental impacts around the world.

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We make our maps, databases, and tools available for free so that everyone can do their own skytruthing, monitor the places they care about, and hold industry and decision makers accountable.

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[Alerts] is a fantastic service which provides nearly immediate email notifications of spills, leaks and violations–events that the spillers, leakers and violators would rather not have us know about.

SkyTruth toolbox

Interested in using our tools to help save the planet?

Sign up for SkyTruth Alerts, our service that alerts our subscribers to oil and chemical spills throughout the U.S., and new oil and gas permitting and drilling activities in key states, and allows anyone to view recent and historical satellite images for the places they care about.

Explore our Global Flaring Map to see natural gas flaring around the world and your areas of interest due to oil and gas drilling and production and access our database. Review our Flaring Volume Estimates Map to measure the amount of natural gas flared over time, and generate simple reports to illustrate how that’s changing by country, state, or your own area of interest.

Explore and use our data sets of mountaintop mining (including mine land recovery) in Central Appalachia to track the locations and spread of this activity in the region.

SkyTruth has launched an app that models “drill out scenarios” for various setback distances in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

View the Chaco Culture National Historical Park Well Inspector App to learn more about the rapid growth of oil and gas drilling surrounding the Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico, including within a 10-mile zone surrounding the park that was proposed as a buffer zone in congressional legislation in 2019.

View our SkyTruth Oil Spill Reports to see our latest work on oil spills, including cumulative spills from the Taylor Energy site.

See how SkyTruth estimates the volume of oil spills in the ocean.

See the extent of oil and gas platforms and pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico on our interactive map.

Track fishing activity around the world with Global Fishing Watch.

Download a 35-year time series of seven different spectral indices for the entire Colorado River drainage using Landsat satellite imagery to examine vegetation trends.

Download the dataset