The SkyTruth Attic

We like to spend time here on rainy days or when we’re feeling a little down about the state of the environment, it’s a place where we can reminisce about the good old days and play with the toys of our youth. We’re still using a lot of these toys, but some of them no longer work because the technology has moved on.

  • FrackFinder: Mapping and Tracking Fracking Sites With Your Help (7/31/2013) - At SkyTruth, we work hard to make the unseen impacts of pollution and industrial development visible to the public. Our latest skytruthing effort is the FrackFinder. FrackFinder is a crowdsourced project to find, map, and track all sites where drilling for natural gas using hydraulic fracturing (fracking), occurs in the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvania. […]
  • SkyTruth Alerts – Try It! (7/19/2011) - Ever wonder what’s going on in the environment around your home, your school, your favorite vacation spot? Us too: the world is a big place, and it takes a LOT of satellite images to cover it all. Here at SkyTruth we scour the infosphere for hints telling us where to look, and when. Over the […]
  • Spilltracker – Show Us What’s Happening On Your Beach (5/10/2010) - In partnership with Surfrider and Ocean Conservancy, SkyTruth has launched an interactive website, the Gulf Oil Spill Tracker, that lets Gulf-area residents document what’s happening to their coast. Anyone can search the site, using an interactive map, to find reports that others have submitted. Reports can include text descriptions, photos, and links to video and […]
  • Video Showing History and Extent of Drilling in the Rockies (8/28/2008) - As seen yesterday morning in the “Big Tent” at the DNC in Denver: For The Wilderness Society, SkyTruth produced a 3-1/2 minute narrated video showing the extent of drilling across the Rocky Mountain states, featuring a time-lapse animation of the drilling history of Wyoming. You can access the video at the Better Energy website, view […]
  • Upper Green River Valley Video Now On EmPivot (4/8/2008) - If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our 10-minute, narrated video tour of natural-gas drilling in the upper Green River valley area of western Wyoming (the southern part of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem). It’s a mashup of Google Earth flyover sequences, photos taken from the air and ground, and GIS information that tells the […]