Save and Open Map Views

After making annotations, Alerts lets you save your current map view so you can come back to it later.

Click the  icon to open up the save dialog.

NOTE: If you created a new AOI but have not added it to your list yet, the save icon () will not be available. Click Add this AOI to my List on the My Alerts tab to enable the save icon.

Save a new version of the map by completing the Name field and clicking Save.

Or, you can also overwrite a previously saved view by clicking the map view’s name and verifying you want to overwrite what was previously saved.

When you have successfully saved the map view, you’ll receive a confirmation:


Opening Previously Save Map View

Use the  icon to open a previously saved Map View.

Click on one of the Map View descriptions to open the view.

You can also remove map views from this list by clicking its corresponding trash can.