Manage Your Own Areas of Interest (AOIs)

SkyTruth Alerts lets you identify the areas you’re interested in so that you only receive the alerts that matter to you. Setting up your own AOIs also gives you access to satellite imagery and more robust annotating and map sharing. To view your AOIs:

Click the  tab.

You must be logged into Alerts to manage your AOIs. If you see the following window, you’re not logged in:


Here’s a preview video showing several methods for identifying a new AOI: Add new AOI.


Getting Started

On the  tab, click the Explore a new areabutton. You’ll see these options:

Each option will create a black outline of your new AOI. When you like what you’re seeing, save your changes by clicking Add this AOI to my list and giving it a name. Delete shape is also available to start over, and Edit shape allows you edit the shape borders.

Creating AOI with Current Map View

Clicking Current map creates a rectangle of the current map view. It then zooms out a level to give you some perspective of the new area.


Creating AOI by Polygon

Clicking  allows you to create your AOI by connecting a series of lines.

Start by clicking anywhere on the map where one of the lines should begin. This will create a small circle that identifies that point. Each additional click creates a side. Complete the polygon by either double-clicking the last point or clicking on the first point again.


Creating AOI by Rectangle

Click  to identify your AOI by forming a rectangle.

To start the rectangle, click and hold the mouse on the map where you want one corner to be located. Then drag the pointer until the rectangle covers the area you want, and finish by releasing the mouse.


Creating AOI from Pre-Defined AOIs

The  option lets you pick from a list of pre-defined AOIs that SkyTruth has identified. Pick from the drop-down list(s) available and use the corresponding  button when you see the AOI you want.


Opening an AOI From Your List

Once you have atleast one AOI, your  tab will show thumbnails for each one. You can open an existing AOI by clicking on the map thumbnail. You can remove an AOI from your list by clicking on the trash can beside it.

After opening an AOI, you’ll see a screen similar to the following.

Click when you’re done or want to work with a different AOI.