The following are papers produced by SkyTruth and our research partners and published in various journals:

Illuminating Dark Fishing Fleets in North Korea

Park J, Lee J, Seto K, Hochberg T, Wong B, Miller N, Takasaki K, Kubota H, Oozeki Y, Doshi S, Midzik M, Hanich Q, Sullivan B, Woods P and Kroodsma DA. SCIENCE ADVANCES : EABB1197. Read Paper

Automating Offshore Infrastructure Extractions using Synthetic Aperture Radar & Google Earth Engine

Wong BA, Thomas C, Halpin P. Remote Sensing of Environment Nov. 2019 (223).
j.rse.2019.111412. Read Paper

Mapping the Yearly Extent of Surface Coal Mining in Central Appalachia using Landsat and Google Earth Engine

Pericak AA, Thomas CJ, Kroodsma DA, Wasson MF, Ross MRV, Clinton NE, Campagna, DJ, Franklin Y, Bernhardt ES, and Amos JF. (2018) Mapping the yearly extent of surface coal mining in Central Appalachia using Landsat and Google Earth Engine. PLoS ONE 13(7): e0197758. Read paperBlog post

Identifying Global Patterns of Transshipment Behavior

Miller NA, Roan A, Hochberg T, Amos J and Kroodsma DA (2018) Identifying Global Patterns of Transshipment Behavior. Front. Mar. Sci. 5:240. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2018.00240. Read paperBlog post

Tracking the Global Footprint of Fisheries

The Global View of Transshipment: Preliminary Findings

Kroodsma, DA, Miller NA, and Roan A 2017. “The Global View of Transshipment: Revised Preliminary Findings.” Global Fishing Watch and SkyTruth, July 2017. Available online at Read paperBlog post

Ending Hide and Seek at Sea – The Journal Science

Environmental Science & Technologies – How Many Mountains Can We Mine? Assessing the Regional Degradation of Central Appalachian Rivers by Surface Coal Mining

Bernhardt ES, Lutz BD, King RS, Fay JP, Carter CE, Helton AM, Campagna D, and Amos J. Environmental Science & Technology 2012 46 (15), 8115-8122. DOI: 10.1021/es301144qRead paper