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23051: Consistently inconsistent

Before this month, the last time the NRC received any report coming from Taylor Energy’s chronically leaking platform 23051 was July 21. Well, after a long absence, we started seeing NRC reports again starting on September 1 and since then, someone’s been reporting on that leak on an almost daily basis. And, as before, it […]


Ongoing Leak at Platform 23051 Site – Anybody Home?

A quick update on the chronic leak we’ve been following at the former site of an oil platform reportedly destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.  RigData reports that the semisubmersible drilling rig that has been intermittently working to plug the leaking wells at this site, the Ocean Saratoga, has been towed away to work on […]


Oil Slick from Platform 23051 Site – Aerial Video

Bonny Schumaker of Wings of Care flew out over the site of former platform 23051 in the Gulf on Friday, July 1, to document the chronic oil leak there. She reported seeing just a buoy at the location, and a long oil slick. Check out her blog to see several photos and this brief video […]


Oil Slick at Platform 23051 Site, Gulf of Mexico

It’s the Energizer Bunny of leaks: yesterday’s MODIS/Terra satellite image of the Gulf shows a 10-mile-long oil slick emanating from the site of Taylor Energy’s destroyed platform, where wells damaged by hurricane Ivan in 2004 have been leaking oil ever since: Detail from NASA MODIS/Terra satellite image taken June 28, 2011. Red pushpin marks location […]


Platform 23051 / Ocean Saratoga Site Revisited

June 5, 2010: Oil slick next to Ocean Saratoga semisubmersible drill rig. Rig is working to plug leaking wells that were damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Photo courtesy J. Henry Fair.   June 25, 2010: Oil sheen marked by orange buoy. Rig was not observed in the area. Photo courtesy J. Henry Fair. A […]