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NASA Launches New Weather Satellite

GOES-14 launch – click to see a larger image On June 27, 2009, NASA successfully launched GOES-14, the newest in a long line of workhorse weather satellites, and will soon turn over operation of the bird to NOAA. Most of the images you see on TV weather reports come from the GOES satellites. They’re low-resolution, […]


Fishing The Line: Do Marine Reserves Improve Fishing?

Low-altitude air photo showing small boats “fishing the line” on the border of a protected area that is off-limits to fishing. Photo courtesy of Billy Causey, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Here’s a blast from the past: a recap of one of the first projects SkyTruth ever conducted, a limited study of satellite imagery as […]


San Francisco Bay – Cosco Busan Oil Spill

On November 7 a transoceanic container ship called the Cosco Busan hit one of the supports for the SF – Oakland Bay Bridge, tearing a big gash in the side of the vessel and spilling 58,000 gallons of heavy fuel oil into the Bay. At first the Coast Guard seriously underestimated the size of the […]