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59 search results for: 23051 Taylor


Taylor Energy Site – Still Leaking In Gulf

If you’ve been wondering “have they cleaned up that chronic crude-oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico from the Taylor Energy site yet?” the answer, sadly, is no.  We’re closing in on ten years of continual pollution into the Gulf from this location, with no end in sight.  So…what’s the plan? A Landsat-8 satellite image […]


Judge Rules Waterkeeper Lawsuit Against Taylor Energy Can Proceed

So now maybe we’ll get some answers:  last week a judge threw out two motions filed by Taylor Energy to dismiss the lawsuit filed against them by Waterkeeper Alliance (one of the founding members of the Gulf Monitoring Consortium) for their chronic leak in the Gulf of Mexico that’s been spilling oil 24/7 from a […]


Site 23051 – Leaking Oil Into the Gulf Since 2004

We’ve reported on this pollution source several times since 2010, when we discovered a chronic oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico where a platform operated by Taylor Energy was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Back in 2010 there was a deepwater drill rig, the Ocean Saratoga, at the site for a while, working […]


Mismatched reports about Site 23051 chronic oil spill in Gulf

So, who can you believe? According to the July 12 NRC report about the oil leaking from Site 23051, there was a spill of 7.43 gallons of oil with a visible sheen reported to be 9.3 miles in length and 200 feet wide.  This report was based on observations during an overflight that occurred at […]