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Everything Old is New Again

We’ve been following the recent media reports about oil leaking at the Deepwater Horizon site, and we have received a lot of inquiries about whether we could corroborate these reports. Well John has been out of the office dealing with some family medical issues (don’t worry – he’s fine and he’ll be back soon), so […]


Oil Spill off Mumbai, India

Oil is leaking from a cargo vessel that sank on August 5 about 25 miles off the coast of India near the port of Mumbai.  This radar satellite image taken yesterday (August 8) shows a narrow slick about 12 miles long in the general vicinity of the sinking, based on the news accounts we’ve seen […]


Oil Slick Near Venice, Louisiana – Leaking Platform Location

 Actively leaking platform in Breton Sound Block 33 on June 10, 2011. Gulf Monitoring Consortium photograph courtesy SouthWings / Gulf Restoration Network. Full-resolution version here. Last night Jonathan Henderson of Gulf Restoration Network texted me the location coordinates where he shot the photos yesterday of an actively leaking platform in Breton Sound that may be […]