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56 search results for: 23051 Taylor


9 Years, Countless Gallons Spilled, No End in Sight

We here at SkyTruth actually look forward to the day when we can look at satellite images from the Gulf of Mexico and NOT see any human-caused oil slicks. Yesterday, unfortunately, was not that day. Quite the contrary, on yesterday’s MODIS Terra image we can plainly see another slick emanating from Taylor Energy’s site 23051. […]


Year in Review: Most Significant Articles of 2012

SkyTruth’s vision is for “a world where all people can see and understand the environmental consequences of human activity everywhere on the earth, and are motivated to take action to protect the environment.” In the past year we made significant strides toward realizing this vision, and while we have already shared our Top 10 Most Viewed Articles, we thought it […]


Same old song and dance

No big surprise here. Another slick apparently coming from Site 23051 in the Gulf. And another case of underreporting. It does seem to be the same old story, same old song and dance. The June 28 NRC report for this chronic leak, presumably filed by the responsible party – Taylor Energy – lists a spill […]