Illuminating threats to freshwater

Water is the lifeblood of human and ecological communities, and is particularly vulnerable to pollution from extractive activities. Much of SkyTruth’s work on freshwater relates to the location and extent of extractive activities such as mining and the waste impoundments they generate. Our work provides researchers, advocates, and policymakers critical data that has illuminated the harmful human impacts of these extractive activities and informed decision making.


Freshwater issues and threats

Working with Brendan on the SkyTruth team was a pleasure for me and my students. SkyTruth learned our complex analytical approach to mapping Harmful Algal Blooms and helped us implement it in the cloud using Google Earth Engine and Python programming. And they provided our team at KSU with intensive hands-on training, so now we can expand our work with new sources of satellite data and apply our analysis anywhere in the world.

Our latest work on freshwater