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Monitoring the impacts of fossil fuel extraction

Fossil fuels drive climate change. From its earliest days, SkyTruth has been documenting the impacts of mining for coal, oil, and natural gas, generating data about these activities that provides researchers, advocates, journalists, and policymakers new insights into the implications of continued fossil fuel dependence.

By measuring the destruction of mountaintops, documenting the exact locations of mining sites, and revealing the true extent of oil spills, SkyTruth’s data has helped demonstrate the dangers inherent in fossil fuel extraction, and armed our partners with robust data to create pressure for a shift away from extraction and towards renewable energy.

Monitoring the impact of fossil fuel on climate change

Climate issues and threats

The Worldview image is exactly what I’m looking for, enabling New Mexico policymakers and the public to see the inexcusable amounts of natural gas flaring by oil and gas companies in the NM Permian. Fantastic. We’re setting the stage for a state Venting, Flaring & Leak rule and the image belies industry’s claims that they are already fixing the problem, showing just how widespread flaring really is.

Our latest work on climate

The FrackTracker app for West Virginia