Credit: Cecelia Mason, WV Public Broadcasting

Here at SkyTruth we can only do so much by ourselves — it’s still a big world, after all, and we humans are a very busy species, altering landscapes and ecosystems in a lot of different ways all over the planet, on land and out in the ocean. That’s where you can help.  As technology becomes cheaper, easier to use, and more powerful, it becomes increasingly possible for you and everyone else with Internet access to be a watchdog for the places you care about — to monitor and engage in environmental issues that interest you, using the same tools and techniques that we use:  free satellite and aerial images, simple web-based mapping tools like Google Earth, and social media to share what you’ve found with others.  This is what we (rather shamelessly) call skytruthing.

SkyTruth With Us

We encourage skytruthing by conducting projects that demonstrate how images and remote sensing can be used to detect, document, measure and publicize environmental issues and incidents.  We provide links to the data sources we use to do those projects, and explain how we process and analyze the images and other data.  We make data more accessible and usable, and give it away for others to build on.  We give presentations, advice and assistance to groups large and small. And we invite you to roll up your sleeves and join us by participating in our FrackFinder collaborative image analysis projects.