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Coal-Train Derailments and Record-High Temperatures. Related?

In the past 2 weeks, there were 4 different coal train derailments in the United States. On Wednesday, June 27 a Union Pacific coal train derailed near Junction City, in northeastern Kansas, overturning or crushing 23 rail cars.  The train was en route to Memphis from a mine in Colorado, according to this report. On […]

Same old song and dance

No big surprise here. Another slick apparently coming from Site 23051 in the Gulf. And another case of underreporting. It does seem to be the same old story, same old song and dance. The June 28 NRC report for this chronic leak, presumably filed by the responsible party – Taylor Energy – lists a spill […]

Site 23051, Not Going Away

Pretty sizable slick emanating from Site 23051 shown in yesterday’s MODIS image. Below is the image with no markups: MODIS Aqua image from 5/30 And the same image below showing the size of the slick using the tools in Google Earth to measure the perimeter of the spill: The outline of this slick is over […]