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Flaring (?) Off Nigeria’s Coast

We’ve been routinely watching the coast of Nigeria for oil spills (like the recent ExxonMobil offshore pipeline spill that’s affected 20 miles of coastline) and other incidents.  Lately we’ve noticed what appears to be something burning far offshore, approximately 75 miles southwest of Brass on the Niger Delta. We went back as far as July […]

Meet Katie!

Katie Hoeck, SkyTruth Intern Katie Hoeck is SkyTruth’s newest intern. Katie is a senior at Shepherd University, majoring in mathematics and minoring in physics. She is a self-admitted 7 year senior, going through various changes in her major over the course of a few years. She started out as a biochemistry major, then switched to […]

Blast at Venezuela Oil Refinery

On Saturday, August 25, an explosion and fire at one of the world’s largest oil refineries, the Amuay on the coast of Venezuela killed 41 people and injured more than 150, according to the Washington Post.  While the actual cause has not yet been officially determined, officials have said that a gas leak led to […]

Delaware City Refinery: When is enough really enough?

Here’s what the headline says: Refinery quietly postpones Clean Fuels expansion. Here’s what it may as well say: “Sure we’re all about the health and well-being of the community money.” Back in December of 2011, the Cecil Daily’s website reported that PBF, the owner of the Delaware City Refinery, proposed a $1 billion project to […]

Update on Flaring in Iraq: It’s Still Happening

Remember back in April we blogged about flaring operations in Iraq? I had checked back as far as 2009 and saw that this flaring was happening continually. Well it’s still happening. Check out this MODIS image taken over Iraq yesterday: MODIS/Terra 7-2-1,  7/19/2012 This flaring has been going on for at the very least 3 […]