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SkyTruth Founder John Amos to Speak in Shepherdstown

Did you see the recent front page article in the Washington Post that featured SkyTruth’s work tracking a 14-year oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Why is Shepherdstown’s own SkyTruth featured so often in the international press? Come find out! Founder John Amos and key staff members Christian Thomas and Ry Covington will talk […]

More Offshore Drilling to Come?

Once again, the federal government is proposing that we expand offshore drilling to new areas in US waters.  Today, President Trump signed an executive order directing the Department of the Interior, which manages our public lands and waters, to review the Obama administration rule that deferred oil and gas leasing along the Atlantic coast and in the […]

9 Years, Countless Gallons Spilled, No End in Sight

We here at SkyTruth actually look forward to the day when we can look at satellite images from the Gulf of Mexico and NOT see any human-caused oil slicks. Yesterday, unfortunately, was not that day. Quite the contrary, on yesterday’s MODIS Terra image we can plainly see another slick emanating from Taylor Energy’s site 23051. […]

Coal Exports: Are You Safe?

Think you’re safe from the effects of coal exports because you don’t live near a coal mine? How about railroad tracks? Chances are you either live near railroad tracks or travel next to or across railroad tracks to get from point A to point B in your daily travels.  According to this article from the […]

And the flaring continues off Nigeria…

Looks like flaring on offshore oil and gas platforms in Africa didn’t take a holiday this year. As you can see by this MODIS Aqua 7-2-1 image from  12/23/2012, there was lots and lots of flaring activity going on off the coast of Nigeria. MODIS Aqua 7-2-1 taken on 12/23/2012 showing multiple flaring incidents off […]