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Black Ice Is Never A Good Thing…

The recent oil spill by Shell off Nigeria’s coast briefly brought to light the some of the most insidious consequences of the world’s addiction to fossil fuels. As our thirst for oil grows, companies are stretching the limits of depth and technology to drill wherever and however. Shell has recently received conditional approval to begin […]

Shelling out the Oil in Waters off Nigeria: Radar Satellite Image December 21, 2011

Envisat ASAR satellite radar image showing large slick (black) from major Shell oil spill off Niger Delta.  Image taken December 21, 2011 at 9:30am local time.  Image courtesy European Space Agency. Royal Dutch Shell’s Nigerian drilling operations in the highly productive Bonga Field were officially brought to a halt yesterday after “less than 40,000 barrels […]

Alberta Tar Sands – It’s Not Just About the Mining

As controversy over the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline builds, Alberta’s vast oil sand reserves have become the target of much speculation and review. Last week SkyTruth published maps and images revealing the extent of surface mining operations and their visible impact on Alberta’s environment (see “Oil from Sand? You Better Believe It” and  “Tar Sands […]

Tar Sands Mining: Well, Canada is sorta big right?

It is one thing to say that the Athabasca tar sands mining project is a behemoth- quite another to actually see it. Here at SkyTruth we have always recognized how powerful a story real-world images can tell. Check out our newest addition of satellite “truthing” – A quick animation of the growing Athabasca tar sands mining […]