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Pennsylvania Frack Flight a Big Success

The whole team is back in the office today after another successful expedition to Frack Country in north-central PA.  Here’s a quick summary of the mission.  Video, 100s of photos and results of our monitoring will be published soon. Last time we went out in the field we focused on the Wysox and Meshoppen watersheds […]

Taylor Oil Spill: 7 Years, 1.1 Million Gallons, Still Going

Today SkyTruth released our Site 23051 Cumulative Spill Report showing our estimation of the total cumulative amount of crude oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico at the site of Taylor Energy’s ongoing oil spill that began in 2004. In this report, we conclude: Crude oil has been leaking continuously from this site for more […]

Tracking the Delaware City Hydrogen Cyanide Release

We still don’t know yet what the full story is behind the ongoing release of potentially lethal hydrogen cyanide at the Delaware City Oil Refinery that was discovered by SkyTruth this morning, but we can tell you all how to track the incident for yourselves so that you’ll know what happens next as soon as […]

Everything Old is New Again

We’ve been following the recent media reports about oil leaking at the Deepwater Horizon site, and we have received a lot of inquiries about whether we could corroborate these reports. Well John has been out of the office dealing with some family medical issues (don’t worry – he’s fine and he’ll be back soon), so […]

SkyTruth Alerts – Try It!

Ever wonder what’s going on in the environment around your home, your school, your favorite vacation spot? Us too: the world is a big place, and it takes a LOT of satellite images to cover it all. Here at SkyTruth we scour the infosphere for hints telling us where to look, and when. Over the […]

Multi-modal commuting

Here at SkyTruth we are always trying to reduce our carbon footprint, which is why I have started riding my bicycle in to work. The problem is that my house is about 3 miles away from the office, and the road that gets me there has no shoulder, no shade, tight corners and too many […]