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Bilge Dumping? Busted Using Satellite Images and AIS Data

Remember that 92-mile-long bilge dump off Congo and Angola that caught our attention back in April? Envisat ASAR satellite radar image showing bilge-dump slick (long dark streak) off Angola on April 6, 2012. Image courtesy European Space Agency. The bright spot at the left end of the slick is likely the vessel that caused it.  […]

Second Chronic Leak Found Off Coast of Nigeria – Natural Seep?

Two large slicks were spotted on the same image of the Nigerian coast (5.75°N, 4.45°W) (5.75°N, 4.45°E).  One slick (we’re calling it SkyTruth Unknown 001, or ST_UNK 001) was featured in a March 27th blog post that compiled a time-series of images of the constant leak three miles off the Coast of Molume. Thirty miles farther […]