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SkyTruth Visualization and App of Drilling Near Chaco Canyon Available to Activists and Others

The Bureau of Land Management has permitted intensive oil and gas drilling around Chaco Culture National Historical Park, threatening a landscape that supports one of the most important cultural sites in the world.

Many tribal groups have voiced concerns about the spiritual, cultural, physical and health impacts from drilling in the area. To illustrate the extent of drilling in recent years, SkyTruth created an animation of wells surrounding Chaco Culture National Historical Park to inform the debate around drilling in the area.

New Intern Matthew Ibarra Shifts from Aerospace Engineering to Protecting the Planet from Space

Matthew thought he wanted to be an aerospace engineer when he started college. Then he learned more about environmental damage to the planet.

My name is Matthew Ibarra and I am a new intern at SkyTruth. Originally I came to West Virginia University to study mechanical and aerospace engineering. However, as my time at WVU went on I became much less interested in engineering. I developed a passion for renewable energy and decided I wanted to shift my focus of study and work on environmental challenges.