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Burning Fuel Depot, Tripoli

A fuel storage site in Tripoli was apparently hit by rocket fire this morning and set ablaze.  Satellite imagery taken today from NASA’s Terra satellite shows a long, black smoke plume originating at Libya’s capital and extending many miles to the west-southwest.  The Libyan government is asking for international assistance to extinguish the massive blaze. […]

Calling All FrackFinders — Help Us Map Fracking in Ohio!

You did it! Your collaborative image analysis effort with FrackFinder PA helped us build a map showing all of the active Marcellus Shale gas-drilling sites across the entire state of Pennsylvania in 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2013.  More important, you identified all of the open-air fluid impoundments related to those drilling sites and the process […]

All Oiled Up… And Nowhere to Go

SkyTruth has been doing a lot of work recently on the problem of tracking vessels way out in the ocean, and figuring out what they’re doing.  A useful level of “maritime domain awareness” is key to effectively managing marine protected areas, enforcing fisheries laws to reduce the global scourge of illegal fishing, and mitigating pollution […]

Taylor Energy Site – Still Leaking In Gulf

If you’ve been wondering “have they cleaned up that chronic crude-oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico from the Taylor Energy site yet?” the answer, sadly, is no.  We’re closing in on ten years of continual pollution into the Gulf from this location, with no end in sight.  So…what’s the plan? A Landsat-8 satellite image […]

The Search for MH370 – A Cautionary Tale

Today I was looking at high-resolution satellite images of the ocean and ran across something that reminded me of the search for the still-missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.  You might recall that several nations published satellite images that supposedly showed hundreds of pieces of floating debris in the Indian Ocean.  Twice I was booked by […]