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Olympic Park, Sochi

Here’s a “before-and-after” view of the Olympic Park showing some of the transformation that has occurred in the vicinity of Sochi to accommodate the ongoing Winter Olympics: Future site of Olympic Park near Sochi – 2007 Olympic Park – November 2013 Anyone else tired of figure skating and snowboarding yet?

Drill Rig Partially Evacuated in Gulf of Mexico

A well-control problem has apparently lead to the partial evacuation of a drill rig that was working in the Gulf of Mexico, in Vermilion lease block 356, about 93 miles off the coast of Louisiana.  This is way out on the continental shelf, close to the shelf edge, but the water here is still relatively […]

Smoke Plume in Campos Basin off Brazil – Mystery Solved?

We may now know what caused the large smoke plume we observed on a December 31 satellite image off the coast of Brazil.  We learned that repair operations were being done on a pipeline in the Marlim Sul field between two platforms about 10 miles north of the point of origin of the smoke plume.  […]

Pollution Response Activity in Campos Basin off Brazil?

We’re still trying to figure out what caused that big smoke plume we saw in the Marlim Sul oil field of the Campos Basin, about 70 miles off the coast of Brazil, on a December 31 satellite image.  So far, we’ve looked at data showing the locations of active exploration wells (where we would expect […]

Fire (?) in Campos Basin Off Coast of Brazil

Sharp-eyed Teri was looking at MODIS/Aqua satellite imagery of the coast of Brazil taken on December 31, and spotted what looks like a long plume of smoke out in the Atlantic Ocean about 70 miles from shore, in an area of very active oil drilling and production known as the Campos Basin.  She downloaded the […]