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The Search for Flight MH370: Nighttime Satellite Imagery

Still no sign of Flight MH370. It’s a bracing reminder that the 21st century information-and-technology blanket we’ve wrapped ourselves in still has a few gaping holes.  High-resolution satellite imagery isn’t yet continuous and ubiquitous – not even close.  We’re still too often in response mode when something like this occurs, scrambling to deploy the information-gathering […]

Satellite Image Anomaly in Gulf of Thailand

We’ve turned up some Landsat-8 satellite images from the area in the Gulf of Thailand, between Malaysia and Vietnam, where Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 went missing a few days ago.  Landsat images, at 30-meter resolution, are much more detailed than the twice-daily MODIS images at 250m resolution.  The image inset in the map below shows […]

Where is Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370?

Some folks have been asking us if we can help find the Malaysia Airlines jetliner that disappeared early into a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.  Many news reports state the Boeing 777 vanished from radar “about 2 hours” into the planned 6-hour flight to Beijing, but that would have put the jet well over […]

Possible Bilge Dumping, Offshore Brazil

We’ve been looking at satellite imagery of offshore Brazil regularly since Chevron’s November 2011 blowout and spill in the Campos Basin.  Yesterday Teri noticed what appears to be a 40-mile-long, thin slick about 50 miles offshore in the southern part of the Campos oil field, playing hide-and-seek between the clouds and cloud shadows, on a […]