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West Virginia Fracking: State and Industry Fail to Keep Public Informed

In June 2012, SkyTruth wrote that voluntary hydraulic fracturing (fracking) chemical disclosures from FracFocus.org were only covering approximately 43% of unconventional wells drilled in Pennsylvania. Only 54% of wells drilled submitted a report, and of those that did, only about 81% of the chemicals were actually disclosed (instead of concealed as “proprietary” or “trade secret”). Barely more […]

Water, Water, Everywhere: 20 Months of Frackwater in the U.S.

SkyTruth has been looking over industry-reported data from FracFocus.org to see what we can learn about hydraulic fracturing activity across the United States. One topic we were curious about was the volume of water being used by fracking operations. According to a report on modern shale gas prepared for the U.S. Dept. of Energy and others by the Groundwater […]