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Alice Foster’s Internship Triggered New Excitement About Her Career Possibilities

Before her internship, Alice felt burnt out at school. After applying new skills and technologies to environmental projects at SkyTruth, she’s looking forward to her remaining classes and a fulfilling career.

As Alice wraps up her four-month internship at SkyTruth, she shares some highlights and takeaways from her experience. During her internship she explored the field of geospatial technology for the first time. She learned about global environmental issues that she hadn’t known existed. And she got to work with — as she puts it — a kind, dedicated, creative group of people.

What’s a Mathematician Doing at SkyTruth?

Alice Foster discovered her love for geology at Brown University, and meandered onto SkyTruth’s path.

My name is Alice Foster, and I started as an intern at SkyTruth this past January. But my journey to SkyTruth was a bit unexpected. Until recently, I was somewhat unenthusiastic about science, although I was interested in conservation issues. But after a few minutes in my first geology class, I was hooked.