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Photo of pipeline explosion, Center Township, PA, taken 2 April 2019. Provided by FracTracker Alliance

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SkyTruth Alerts shows you where environmental incidents have recently occurred, particularly for the oil and gas industry. Monitor areas you care about, and get notified about environmental incidents in those areas.

This is a fantastic service which provides nearly immediate email notifications of spills, leaks and violations — events that the spillers, leakers and violators would rather not have us know about.

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SkyTruth intern Tatianna Evanisko tracks polluting vessels around the world from the SkyTruth offices in Shepherdstown WV. Photo credit: Johnna Armstrong.

Your alerts make a huge difference on my ability to protect the Basin. Thank you!

SkyTruth Alerts is available to everyone, thanks in part to these funders

The Campbell Foundation
Catena Foundation
Cornell Douglas Foundation
The Heinz Endowments
The Tilia Fund
Wallace Genetic Foundation

Success Story

We used SkyTruth Alerts to document the continuing Taylor Energy spill, which was highlighted in Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, and ultimately resulted in major fines and the containment of a 14-year-old leak.