Careers at SkyTruth

Geospatial Analyst

At SkyTruth we believe that if you can see it, you can change it. We are searching for a Geospatial Analyst to join our team and help us visualize the impact of human activity on the environment through the use of satellite imagery, remote sensing and digital mapping technology.

What You’ll Do

  • Discover, research, and analyze geospatial data sources (such as oil and gas permit and leasing datasets, mining datasets)
  • Create static and dynamic maps, time series animations, and video clips and publish these to SkyTruth’s social media and web properties
  • Search, download, process, analyze, and annotate a variety of satellite imagery
  • Write Facebook and blog posts, describing data sources and how the data was processed, and the relevance of the data to environmental issues
  • Use a variety of image processing, digital mapping, and graphics production tools

What to Bring

  • Proficiency and at least 2 years experience with satellite and aerial remote sensing, common image processing and analysis techniques, and map projections
  • Proficiency and at least 2 years experience with GIS software, techniques, data structures
  • Map and graphics production skills
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • A passion for environmental protection and conservation

Nice to Have

  • Familiarity with Google Earth Engine
  • Proficiency with Google Earth or Google Earth Pro
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform
  • Familiarity with gdal and other spatial tools
  • Coding experience (python, R, javascript)
  • Familiarity with Google Drive suite, word processing and spreadsheet software
  • Familiarity with communications platforms such as Slack, Skype, and Google Hangouts
  • Familiarity with QGIS, Carto, Pybossa, GitHub
  • Experience with video editing software such as Final Cut Pro

Compensation and Benefits

The minimum salary for the Geospatial Analyst is $37,500 with the potential for a higher salary based on previous experience. We also offer a generous benefits package including a medical plan, 403(b) option with organizational match, paid vacation and sick leave. For the exceptional candidate who is self-directed, we could consider an arrangement which splits time between the office and working remotely.


Please send resume, references, cover letter, writing and work samples to with the subject line: “Geospatial Analyst” by Wednesday, April 5, 2017.

SkyTruth is an equal opportunity employer and actively works to ensure fair and equal treatment of its employees.

About the SkyTruth Team

SkyTruth is a small group of dedicated people using remote-sensing technologies to help protect the earth by making more of the impacts of human activity visible to the people who live there. We use scientifically credible satellite images and other visual technologies to create compelling pictures that vividly illustrate environmental impacts, and provide these pictures and supporting data to environmental advocates, policy-makers, the media, and the public.

About Shepherdstown

SkyTruth is located 70 miles north-west of Washington DC on the Potomac river in a charming little town called Shepherdstown.  Home to nationally acclaimed arts and film festivals, and a small liberal arts university, this small town is packed with creative and technical people that support 15 great places to eat in the 4-block historic downtown, 3 independent coffee shops, an independent book store, and a rockin’ live music and film venue in the Old Opera House (“Music and Entertainment since 1910″). Just 90 minutes from downtown DC by car or commuter train, we have all the amenities of a big city within easy reach, without actually having to live there.

SkyTruth is located in Shepherdstown because when your mission is global monitoring with satellites, you can live anywhere you like. The SkyTruth founders chose Shepherdstown because that’s where they and their families wanted to live. When you come to visit, we’re certain you’ll see why.