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Freaky Fracking – Mapping How Wellpads are Carving Up Ohio

We don’t usually do seasonally-themed maps, but this map tracing the footprint of wellpads in Ohio’s Marcellus and Utica Shales just happens to work best with the colors associated with All Hallows Eve. Over the past year our FrackFinders and partners at Walsh University have helped us map shale drilling in eastern Ohio. Below you […]


FrackFinder OH: New Aerial Survey of Eastern Ohio Fracking

Image: Wellpad in Caroll County, OH – May 2014. Credit: LightHawk/FracTracker  SkyTruth is announcing a very special edition of our FrackFinder Ohio project, courtesy of our partners at FracTracker and Lighthawk. With FrackFinder Ohio: Wellpad Mapper – 2014, you can map drilling in Caroll, Columbiana, Harrison, and Jefferson counties using brand new aerial survey imagery flown by LightHawk […]


Calling All FrackFinders — Help Us Map Fracking in Ohio!

You did it! Your collaborative image analysis effort with FrackFinder PA helped us build a map showing all of the active Marcellus Shale gas-drilling sites across the entire state of Pennsylvania in 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2013.  More important, you identified all of the open-air fluid impoundments related to those drilling sites and the process […]


Celebrating SkyTruth’s 2022 Program Accomplishments

As we enter a new year, we face two of the greatest challenges of our time: a changing climate and a biodiversity crisis

At SkyTruth, we’re making sure the impacts of poorly regulated industrial activity on ecosystems and people don’t go unseen. By sharing the view from space, we’re removing the veil that protects those who pollute oceans with bilge, degrade critical habitats through mining, and warm the Earth by emitting methane. If people see with their own eyes the damage being done, they can put pressure on governments and businesses to clean up their acts.