Oil Pollution from Commercial Shipping is a Big Problem, and Getting Bigger

NASA Earth Observatory image modified by SkyTruth

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Unusual Behavior by Tankers Near Brazil Oil Spill

The source of the massive oil spill affecting Brazil remains unclear, but unusual tanker activity raises questions.

For months now, oil has been washing up on the beaches of northeast Brazil. Government officials, scientists and non-governmental organizations around the world — including SkyTruth — have been trying to identify the source of the pollution; so far, unsuccessfully. SkyTruth analyst Bjorn Bergman recently decided to take a look at AIS ship-tracking data in the region and found some unusual behavior from oil tankers passing through the area.


Tanker Full Of Kurdish Crude Departs US Gulf

Remember the supertanker loaded with crude oil from Kurdistan that had nowhere to go to unload its cargo, and ended up hanging around in the Gulf of Mexico off Galveston, Texas?  That was months ago, but now the United Kalavrvta is on the move again, and appears to be heading out of the Gulf and […]


Playing Hide-and-Seek! With an Oil Tanker.

Supertankers loaded with crude have been making the news recently, mostly because they can’t find a place to sell the stuff. These tankers departed from Kurdistan, but Iraq claims the oil they carry is their property and the Kurds don’t have the right to sell it.  This global political dispute is playing out on the […]


Tanker Collides With Drill Rig Off Corpus Christi, Texas

The FR8 Pride, a Panamax tanker that carries petroleum products, lost power this morning and drifted into a mobile offshore drilling unit – a large jackup drill rig called the Rowan EXL I.  The rig was not drilling at the time; it was damaged and has been stabilized.  The tanker sustained flooding in a bow […]


Oil Pollution from Commercial Shipping is a Big Problem, and Getting Bigger

Cerulean is the tool we’re building to stop it

Late last week a group of researchers led by Dr. Yanzhu Dong — including SkyTruth’s Science Advisor, Dr. Ian MacDonald — published a major new study in the prestigious journal Science with a disturbing conclusion: commercial shipping is a major source of chronic, day-to-day oil pollution in our ocean, and pollution from shipping is rapidly getting worse.