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Taylor Energy (Site 23051) Cumulative Spill Report – 2017 Update

With President Trump preparing to open the Atlantic coastline to offshore drilling, we thought it would be a good time to revisit the cautionary tale of Site 23051 — Taylor Energy’s 13-year old continuous oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve estimated the cumulative amount of oil that has leaked from the Taylor Energy […]


Taylor / 23051 Chronic Leak Site in Gulf: Oil Analyzed

Back on September 15, a team from National Wildlife Federation piled onto a small boat on the Louisiana coast.  Their destination: the chronic leak site about 12 miles offshore where a cluster of wells operated by Taylor Energy has been steadily spilling oil into the Gulf since 2004.  Check out this aerial video of the […]


Taylor Energy Oil Spill: This Is How Change Happens

Recently a front-page article ran in The Washington Post, describing the ongoing, 14-year-long leak of crude oil from hurricane-damaged wells at the former location of an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, operated by a company called Taylor Energy.  The article stated that — based on the latest scientific estimates of the leak rate […]


Site 23051: Chronology

SKYTRUTH OIL SPILL REPORTS Site 23051: Chronology 2019 May 2019 05/03/19 – NRC: no amount given. 1.4 mile slick. SkyTruth: 18.14 gallons 05/02/19 – NESDIS Report April 2019 04/30/19 – NRC: no amount given. 2.9 mile slick. SkyTruth: 112.74 gallons 04/29/19 – NRC: 11 gallons. no slick size. SkyTruth: insufficient data 04/29/19 – Marine Pollution […]