NASA Earth Observatory image modified by SkyTruth

30×30 Progress Tracker

30×30 is a global movement to protect 30% of the world’s lands and waters by 2030. This target has been formally adopted by nearly every country on Earth, and governments, NGOs, and local communities around the world are working together to make it a reality.

In partnership with the Bloomberg Ocean Initiative, SkyTruth is developing an easy way for anyone interested in the 30×30 movement to participate in tracking, planning, and advocating for progress toward meeting the 30×30 goal.

What are we building?

With only a few years left between now and 2030, the world is pushing hard to preserve our vital ecosystems. Biodiversity conservation is moving faster than ever, and a host of new organizations, tools, and campaigns are emerging every day. Even for conservation professionals, it can be hard to keep up. And for anyone new to 30×30, it’s hard to know where to start.

We are building the 30×30 Progress Tracker to unify these tools and information streams in a single location that provides an accessible entry point for getting informed and engaged in 30×30. We want visitors to be able to quickly answer three questions at a global and national level:

  • How is the world progressing toward 30×30?

    To answer, we provide an interactive map showing current progress and commitments at a glance.

  • How much more of our lands and waters do we need to protect to reach the 30% goal?

    To answer, users are able to add hypothetical protected areas to the map to better understand what’s required to get to 30% protection.

  • How can I learn more about 30×30, get involved, and take action?

    To answer, we provide a knowledge hub where 30×30 resources can easily be found.

Preview images of the 30×30 Progress Tracker. Data and formats are preliminary and under active development.

What’s next?

In early 2024 we will complete a marine-focused version of the 30×30 tracker and gather feedback from 30×30 stakeholders to ensure that we’ve built a useful, accessible tool. After that, we intend to extend the hub to include terrestrial ecosystems and release it to the public later in 2024, with the goal of creating a one-stop entry point for getting engaged and informed on 30×30.

Project team

Led by SkyTruth and funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the 30×30 hub is a collaborative effort between SkyTruth, Vizzuality, CEA Consulting, and An Ocean Advocate consulting.