A Higher-Resolution Look at United Kalavrvta

At the suggestion of Rob Simmon from NASA, we’ve produced a view of the United Kalavrvta from August 4, 2014, using the high-resolution panchromatic band (Band 8) of the Landsat-8 image.  Much sharper, as expected. And now we measure the vessel length on the image at 282 meters — very close to the 275-meter length reported by Fleetmon for this supertanker.

Compare with the lower-resolution multispectral composite from yesterday’s blog post:

Detail from Landsat-8 image taken August 4, 2014. Panchromatic band (15 meter pixels).  United Kalavrvta marked by red circle.  A similar-sized vessel also appears to be anchored about 4km to the west.  Compare with multispectral image below.
Matching detail from multispectral (visible band) composite with 30 meter pixels.