Timelapse: The Writhing Brahmaputra River

A view of the braided Brahmaputra River from 2000 by NASA’s Expedition 3 crew

This week for throwback thursday (#TBT) we’re setting our sites on the Brahmaputra River in India.  We’re checking out the river around Assam and seeing how it shifts and changes over the years.

This 1,800 mile long river begins as snowfall in the Himalayas and is a prime example of a braided riverAs you can see from the google-powered Timelapse, the Brahmaputra River is made up of many small channels and bars that meander and change over time due to all the sediment eroding and washing down from the mountains. Plus the amount of water flowing in the river is constantly changing based on how much snow and ice is melting. The amount of meltwater, of course, depends on the season and time of day making for a very wide and unpredictable waterway. 

Do some skytruthing your own– zoom in or out of the Timelapse to see how the braids change and weave over time. And look around the globe for other rivers draining uplifing mountain ranges. What is the most interesting braided river you can find? 

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