SkyTruth Issues Letter to BLM Director on Public Disclosure of Fracking Chemicals

[May 15, 2014 – Shepherdstown, WV] SkyTruth continues our appeal to the Bureau of Land Management and other federal officials to ensure that where drilling occurs on public lands, operators must fully disclose the chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process in a manner consistent with the Obama Administration’s Open Data policy. The Bureau of Land Management is in the final stages of preparing a rule to govern fracking operations on over 750 million acres of federal and Indian lands, but we are concerned that even though early indications suggest that BLM will require disclosure of the chemicals used, they will relegate this important responsibility to FracFocus, an industry-funded data repository that is not compliant with federal standards for transparency and accessibility.
SkyTruth has written about this issue before on our blog, given invited testimony before Congress, met with BLM officials, and even released our own machine-readable database from FracFocus recordsuntil our efforts were blocked by the site’s operators due to indiscriminate throttling of access to the chemical disclosure reports. Read the full letter below.