Landslide at Bingham Canyon Mine – Satellite Image

The spectacular landslide that shook the earth at the Bingham Canyon copper-gold mine in Utah on April 10 has been captured in an equally spectacular high-resolution satellite image taken on April 18.  The image below is a humble reduced-resolution version; to see the real thing in all it’s lovely detail, check out this week’s WorldView Report from DigitalGlobe:

High-resolution satellite image taken April 18, 2013, showing landslide in Bingham Canyon mine near Salt Lake City, Utah. Source: WorldView Report from DigitalGlobe.

This issue of WorldView also has an image of the fertilizer facility — and surrounding neighborhood — near Waco, Texas that was leveled in a deadly explosion, caught here on a cell-phone video.  Watch this in full-screen mode to get a feel for how catastrophic this was — and maybe a new appreciation for the lifesaving value of good zoning laws.