Fracking With Diesel Fuel

We here at SkyTruth are happy to see the our data being put to good use by our colleagues over at FracTracker. Using our fracking chemical database that we released last month, they have created an interactive map that visualizes where diesel fuel is being used in hydraulic fracturing. In October we posted that industry self-reported using diesel fuels at least 448 times, in spite of the fact these substances are the one family of chemicals not included in the abundantly generous “Halliburton Loophole.”

Check out FracTracker’s interactive map embedded below to see where this practice is used most. (Kerosene in Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado, and N. Pennsylvania, and diesel fuel [sometimes called petroleum distillate] in Texas esp.)

To find out more about the practice, why it is dangerous, and how diesel fuels are defined, check out our original post on this issue: