More post-Sandy NOAA Aerial Photography Available

NOAA has posted a new set of post-Hurricane Sandy aerial photography covering much of the New Jersey shoreline and parts of the New York City metro area.  The images were shot yesterday, November 1.

It’s remarkable how much beach erosion is evident from these photos.  It’s possible the “before” images were taken during low tide, but breaking waves are apparent much closer to roadways and homes along the shore than on the pre-Sandy photos.

Here are a few examples to follow up the ones we posted yesterday.  You can view all the photos from October 31 and November 1 on NOAA’s handy interactive website. NOAA has also created a small gallery of before/after image pairs using a neat slider tool for easy comparison. [Another, bigger gallery is here.]


BEFORE: Lake Como, NJ.


AFTER: Flooded neighborhoods surrounding Lake Como, NJ. November 1, 2012.

BEFORE: Beach near Monmouth, NJ.

AFTER: Beach erosion near Monmouth, NJ. November 1, 2012.


BEFORE: Sandy Hook, NJ.


AFTER: Beach erosion, Sandy Hook, NJ. November 1, 2012.