Site 23051: Still Lots of Oil, Still Lots of Underreporting

For those of you keeping track, in April the NRC received 27 reports over the course of 30 days for the site of Platform 23051 in the Gulf of Mexico off the Mississippi Delta. This is the site where Taylor Energy had 26 wells destroyed by Hurricane Ivan back in 2004. According to the NRC and our SkyTruth Alerts site for the month of April, Taylor reported 105.74 gallons total were coming from these leaking wells. That’s 3.92 gallons per day. But according to our SkyTruth calculations of the size and sheen of these reports, assuming a minimum average thickness of 1/1000th of a millimeter, we estimate that 7639.92 gallons were leaked during the month of April. That’s 282.96 gallons per day. Our SkyTruth Site 23051 Chronology page is where we keep track daily of all NRC reports that are taken for this site, and you can see that page and more on our SkyTruth Oil Spill Reports site.

SkyTruth Alert received on 5/11 for the NRC report received on 5/10 for a leak at Site 23051.