Site 23051, Not Going Away

Pretty sizable slick emanating from Site 23051 shown in yesterday’s MODIS image. Below is the image with no markups:

MODIS Aqua image from 5/30

And the same image below showing the size of the slick using the tools in Google Earth to measure the perimeter of the spill:

The outline of this slick is over 27 miles in diameter, the area of the spill is over 11,000 acres. The report from the NRC which is collected daily by our SkyTruth Alerts on this spill lists it as 11.55 gallons of oil. The SkyTruth calculations, assuming a minimum average thickness of 1/1000th of a millimeter (1 micron) on the surface, comes out to  more than 11,700 gallons. You can see more images of this site on our SkyTruth Oil Spill Reports site here, and you can look over our Site 23051 Chronology page which is updated everyday.