Second Chronic Leak Found Off Coast of Nigeria – Natural Seep?

Two large slicks were spotted on the same image of the Nigerian coast (5.75°N, 4.45°W) (5.75°N, 4.45°E).  One slick (we’re calling it SkyTruth Unknown 001, or ST_UNK 001) was featured in a March 27th blog post that compiled a time-series of images of the constant leak three miles off the Coast of Molume. Thirty miles farther from the coast, a larger slick has since captured our attention, and has been named ST_UNK 002:
In this image, courtesy of the European Space Agency, a long ribbon of surfactant stretches 40 miles parallel with the coast. This apparent oil slick seems to be coming from multiple sources concentrated near one small area, a typical feature of natural seeps.

This offshore slick was also observed on images taken on later dates (from January 12, 2012 to March 31, 2012), indicating that the oil or oily substance may be coming from a continuous leak. like a natural seep on the seafloor. The closest permanent structure is three miles south of the apparent source.

But it’s also possible that this chronic slick is caused by a damaged or corroded pipeline with multiple leaks; we just don’t have any data showing where the offshore pipelines are in Nigeria.  So if anyone is aware of this area’s history, further information would be appreciated!