In Florida, old fires out, new fires burning

In this MODIS/Aqua image taken yesterday, you can see a wildfire burning northwest of Carrabelle, Florida. This fire has to be burning extremely hot for it to be visible in this band 7-2-1 infrared composite.
MODIS/Aqua 721 satellite image – April 25, 2012

In the MODIS/Terra true color image from the same day, you can clearly see the smoke plume blowing to the northeast from the fire.

MODIS/Terra true color satellite image – April 25, 2012
No sign of smoke in today’s MODIS/Terra image of the area, so it looks like this fire has been extinguished.  In this cool graphic from Active Fire Mapping, you can see where this fire was located, along with many other fires burning. You can also see the location of last week’s County Line fire.
Image courtesy of Active Fire Mapping
And as follow-up to the Florida wildfires we blogged about last week, in the MODIS/Aqua 721 image below you can see the scorched earth left from the County Line fire which burned over 36,000 acres of forest. Read more about last week’s fire on NASA’s Earth Observatory site.
Modis/Aqua satellite image – April 25, 2012