Florida Wildfires

Florida’s burning. All over. But one fire in particular can be seen in this Modis image from yesterday. The smoke coming from the fire burning in the upper right hand corner is from the County-line fire, which started from a lightning strike on April 5. Currently, there are 30,000+ acres burning in this fire.

Modis/Aqua satellite image taken April 12, 2012

According to this article from OPB News, over 1400 wildfires have burned in Florida in 2012 and the wildfire season isn’t even at its peak yet. As you can see from this really cool graphic from the Florida Forest Service, there are fires burning in almost every area of Florida in all directions with the exception of the area south of Palm Beach.

One image that I saw from yesterday, however, shows what looks to be a fire burning on the little piece of land called St. Vincent Island, just southeast of Panama City, FL. I haven’t seen anything about this on the news and maybe it’s just an anomaly in the image, but it looks like something’s burning there. Anyone have any info on this one?

Modis/Aqua 7-2-1 satellite image taken April 12, 2012