Another Slick Near Shell Platform in Gulf of Mexico

Check out the MODIS/Aqua image from 4/19. The wide shot shows the position of Shell’s Mars and Ursa platforms, south of the Mississippi Delta, while the close up shows what appears to be a slick of at least 5.5 miles that seems to originate from the location of the Mars platform. Wind was blowing from the north-northwest when this image was taken. There were no NRC pollution reports (red dots on the image below) on 4/19 for the Mars platform, for Shell or for Mississippi Canyon 763 where the Mars platform is located.

Detail from MODIS/Aqua image taken 4/19/2012. Red dots indicate locations of recent NRC oil and hazardous materials spill reports.  23051 Site marks the location of a known chronic leak from Hurricane Ivan-damaged wells.
Zoomed-in detail from MODIS/Aqua image taken 4/19/2012      
We’ve been keeping an eye on these two platforms since we reported last week on Shell’s report of a 10-mile long slick between the Mars and Ursa platforms. It’s unclear if slicks in this area are from human-caused leaks and spills or natural oil seeps that are known to be in the vicinity.