Small Slick at Chevron’s Blowout off Nigeria

Chevron’s gas-well blowout in the Funiwa field off Nigeria continues to burn as efforts are underway to drill a relief well.

Fire from blowout at Chevron gas well off Nigeria. Image source:

This Envisat ASAR satellite radar image taken today (February 27) shows a small slick apparently emanating from the site where the doomed KS Endeavor rig was drilling. We’ve seen a small slick repeatedly at this area since the blowout occurred.  Possibly there are some petroleum liquids coming up with the gas, and not completely burning off.  The slick on today’s image is about 10 miles long:

Small slick apparently emanating from location of Chevron’s Funiwa-1A gas well blowout.  Envisat ASAR image taken February 27, 2012.  Image courtesy European Space Agency.