Reaction to John’s presentation at LightHawk

Here are some comments we received after our presentation at LightHawk’s annual Fly-In held in Boise, ID the weekend of October 7-9.

“Thanks so much for your great presentation at the LightHawk fly-in—definitely one of the most compelling I’ve seen in a long time, and a great antidote to the powerlessness one can sometimes feel.”

“I want you to know I thought your presentation at the LightHawk meeting was superb!”

“Thank you for your presence at LightHawk’s Fly-In. Your presentation (in both content and style) was fantastic! I came away with a far better appreciation of the power of satellite imagery for conservation outcomes and have great respect for the accountability work you are doing. I look forward to seeing how LH & SkyTruth might work closely in the future!”

“I really enjoyed your presentation and meeting you again after 10 years. Your presentation was terrific. You provide a great service on behalf of the health of this planet. Bullshit Buster Extraordinaire! Maybe you should wear a cape.”

Very kind words to hear, thanks folks!