NJ Beach-goers Sharing the Ocean With Algae Today

According to this news story from MSNBC, there is a sizeable algae bloom off the New Jersey coastline today, and judging from the image from MODIS, they’re not kidding. The article states that the size of the bloom is over 100 miles and could cause a dead zone off the coast once the algae dies off, probably within the next week.

MODIS/Aqua image showing algae bloom off the NJ coast on 8/22. The yellow circle indicates where the algae is located.


This, combined with reports of beaches in North Jersey being closed due to medical waste washing ashore and the impending presence of Hurricane Irene should make for a really interesting weekend on the NJ Beaches this weekend.

Category 2 Hurricane Irene as shown from the camera of Astronaut Ron Garan on the International Space Station Monday 8/22

(Photo: NASA / Astronaut Ron Garan, via Twitter @Astro_Ron)