Oil Slick Near Venice, Louisiana – Leaking Well Identified!

We’ve identified the leaking well photographed yesterday, using the map-viewer at SONRIS.  It was drilled in 2004 and produces natural gas and liquid gas condensate, probably what’s causing the visible slick. The API number is 17726205660000.  We haven’t found a way to look up the well operator in SONRIS, but with that API number – a unique ID number given to every oil and gas well in the US – state officials and the Coast Guard should have everything they need to run this down.

Is this the well responsible for the oil slicks reported near Venice since June 8?  I think that’s likely, but can’t rule out the possibility of another leak or spill in the area.  There’s a lot going on in that part of the Gulf.  Routine satellite monitoring would sure be helpful.

But to my Gulf Monitoring Consortium partners, I’d like to say: job well done, folks!