Hard Rock Mining – Our Featured Gallery

This week we’re featuring our Hardrock Mining gallery from Flickr. Click here to read about the Ft. Knox Gold Mine in Alaska, as shown in just two of the beautiful images below. And checkout the difference between the size of the mine in 2003 and how much bigger it’s grown by 2007.

Ft. Knox Gold Mine, Alaska 2003:

 Ft Knox Gold Mine, Alaska 2007:

Also in our Hardrock Mining gallery are some images of the breathtaking area on Berner’s Bay north of Juneau, Alaska where the Kensington underground gold mine is being built.

Tree clearing around Lower Slate Lake where tailings disposal was being planned:

Berner’s Bay, Alaska, site of Kensington mine:

Some stunning images showing mines in both Brazil and Peru. Read more about them here.

Morro do Ouro Gold mine, Paracatu, Brazil:

Morro do Ouro, detail:

Cerro de Pasco Mine, Peru – panoramic view:

Cerro de Pasco Mine, Peru – Vertical view of pit

From our blog of December, 2009, you can read about how drilling was stopped at the Mt. Tenabo – Cortez Hills Gold Mine in Nevada by a U.S. Federal Court of Appeals.

Mt. Tenabo, Nevada:

Mt. Tenabo, Nevada:

Go check out these and many more images in our Hardrock Mining Gallery, and stay tuned for our next featured gallery!