Remember when we said our first balloon launch was ALMOST a success?

Well, let’s just say that’s not the most right we’ve ever been. We are happy to report that we actually caught some really cool images when the camera wasn’t spinning like a top up there in the atmosphere. Have a look.

In this picture, Paul and John are preparing to fill the balloon with helium with the help of Dr. Ed Snyder of Shepherd University. Without Dr. Snyder and the good folks at Shepherd, this wouldn’t be possible.

How’s this for advertising our product?

Looks like a successful launch:


And we have liftoff!


In this shot, you can see what the top of Paul’s hat really looks like:


Say cheese, Paul!


Outside the 24 hour room of the Scarborough Library. Surprisingly good shots follow:

And coming in for a landing:

We’re hoping to catch some even better shots when we take the balloon camera out again on Thursday, April 21 on the Campus of Shepherd University as the Shepherd Environmental Organization celebrates Earth Day. Come on out and see us around lunchtime! We’ll be the ones with the big white balloon telling everyone to look up and smile for the camera.