Join us on Thursday for Another Balloon Camera Launch at Shepherd University

If you missed it the first time around, here’s your chance to see us as we launch our SkyTruth Balloon Camera again this week! Please join us on the campus of Shepherd University as we once again send the balloon up and see what cool images we can gather as the Shepherd Environmental Organization celebrates Earth Day this Thursday, April 21 around noon. We’ll be located between the Byrd Science Building and the Scarborough Library, so come by around lunchtime and say hello and smile for the camera!

No, you’re not seeing things sideways, this is one of the shots that our balloon mounted camera captured as it rose in the air above the library.

Another really cool image we caught during our first balloon launch.

That launch was relatively stealth, no pomp, no circumstance because we had no idea if it would work. Now we know. So provided the weather holds out for us, we’re going up, up and away on Thursday, April 21! See you there.